Do you or your child love Basketball? Or would like to learn Basketball? If you are looking to develop your game. EIS Training/Coaching Sessions are going to work on ball handling, shooting, finishing, and everything else that goes into being a complete player and all the drills can be done on your own. Our basketball experts will provide you a brand new workout plan for every month. If you are serious about your game, this group is a must. To secure your child spot REGISTER NOW! Fill up the registration form and submit the details.

For more info:
Call us at: +971 54 7612291, E-mail us at: info@eisport.ae

1) What is the youngest age my child can start participating in the Basketball Training?
3 years old. We have the TINY BALLERS for ages 3-6 years old.

2) How many days a week do students practice?
You could choose from 2x-a-week or 3x-a-week. Contact us for fee details.

3) How long is a practice?
1 hour per day.

4) Do you play games/matches against other club/school teams?
Yes. Most groups play against EIS inter teams and other groups within our program and all students are invited to participate in tournaments/events.

5) Are there any special events throughout the year?
Yes. We will be having special events.

6) Do boys and girls practice together?
We have mixed classes. All female class would still be arranged but we do.

7) My child is a beginner. Can he/she participate in the academy?
The Beginners are most Welcome we accept any skill level and ages from 3-18 and Adults.

8) Do beginners’ practice with advanced players?
NO. We have a division or skill level depending on the skills of the child.

9) What should my child wear to practice?
Sports Clothes is a must. But we also have uniforms on a separate cost. Basketball shoes are also important.
You may discuss this with us in person so we can physical assessment to properly give you suggestions.

10) Are uniforms mandatory?

11) How do I get a uniform for my child?
Once your child starts training, we will take measurements to custom fit the uniform based on the child’s

12) How much does it cost to participate in the Basketball Training?
Please contact us for details.

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